Is Our Species Doomed to Self Destruction?

As with all scenarios of possible future outcomes, we may have some good news and we may have some bad news for you. Without a doubt it is within the capability of our species to obliterate ourselves and the planet as well. But if the end comes, will it be that spectacular? Might it also be possible for us to so over pollute and populate the earth that the natural balance is compromised under our load? I’m sure we’ll be saying “oops we didn’t mean to kill our planet,” but by then it might be too late. Our species seems hardwired for self destruction even though we seek it in the name of survival. So unfortunately, yes it is possible that self destruction is the destination of our mass consensus. However there might be other forces at work intended to offset this diabolical outcome. This must be where the Good News comes in and if we are talking Good News then we must be speaking of the Gospel.

The Good News of the Gospel is that there may be an alternative to any mortal outcome. The bad news is that we have to choose that option. Of course since most folks are not even aware that there is an option to mortality, they are not likely to choose it. Which brings us to the real source of our disgruntlement; not that people choose to be mortal but that they do not know they have an option. This default mortal choice representing the status quo in our opinion, is the surest indicator of our propensity for self destruction. However as we said: “There is an option.”

Obviously it would seem that the choice remains to be mortal or not. Let us suppose we choose “not,” just how does that work anyhow? Perhaps this would be a good time for a sales pitch, or perhaps we could say, “you tell me and we’ll both know” and pretend to be clueless like everyone else. Instead we will probably just tell you and get it over with, so here goes.

Identity in Christ is your only option to a mortal identity. Now obviously if words were good enough to “get it” then those words should do the trick. So there you have it in 11 words, everything you need to know in order to not choose mortality. Also with this standard it becomes crystal clear what you are rejecting by remaining mortal. There it is, cut and dried and in black and white. Guess what else, this fact did not become true when we told you about it, it has been in effect for 2,000 years now and you are finally just getting a clue. How come the church has never told us about that, would be a good question to ask at this point, because they are all mortal churches and don’t have a clue is the answer. The fact that the church as a whole is clueless about Identity in Christ, would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic. Identity in Christ being a static absolute is why you can accept it or reject it but you cannot change it. Because you cannot change it is why it is the only option to mortality.

So what does my Identity in Christ have to do with the survival of our species as a whole, might be a good question to ask next. However we might also ask: “How can you not see that your Identity in Christ and the survival of our species are directly related?” So which of these questions should we answer, or has the one answered the other, or perhaps it was a meaningless question to begin with. It sure would be nice if we could actually talk about what we are saying instead of just beating around the bush so that mortals can stay mortal. But since we can’t, let’s get back to the subject of Identity in Christ.

Your Identity in Christ is your divine genetics based in the DNA of resurrected flesh. If you don’t know that we are talking about Jesus here, then congratulations you are actually more ignorant then we gave you credit for.

Just for the record, let us state: “PLEASE” if we expose and label your ignorance here, please, please do not take it personal because taking everything personal is how you stay ignorant. Thank you for your understanding, now let’s continue.

Identity in Christ as we have seen is an established Fact of immutable reality. Being so unchangeably absolute and inescapable is why some (Ourselves included) have referred to it as Truth. According to the mortal paradigm if it doesn’t change then it is not real because change is the only absolute. Can you see how mortals (almost on purpose) set themselves in opposition to that which cannot be opposed? Can you see as well that there is room for improvement with this model? So once again, we are confronted with a dichotomy of self that reveals the fate of the world hanging in the balance, with the choice for death being considered an obligation. Shame on you mortals!!! If you consider yourself a Christian and are still mortal, let us point the finger at you and shout “Blasphemer.” Oops I almost forgot, we are supposed to be beating around the bush and not getting real, please overlook our indiscretion in letting our contempt slip out. Don’t worry mortal, God has made provision for you as well and you don’t even have to know the secret to the secret for Him to do His Job. That’s better, cancel the revolution because it’s all business as usual, welcome back to the status quo. Wait a moment; Cancel that cancellation!

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