What’s In My Bag: Frends “Layla” Headphones

Over the course of your phonic life, you may have asked yourself any number of headphone-driven questions, like:

Do I need an expensive pair of headphones?

Over-the-ear or inner-ear?

Will I look crazy, super-stupid walking around with these?

But, really, the question should always have been: what is better than the perfect pair of headphones? Because no matter what you tell yourself, you CAN hear a difference between a bad set and a really, really good one. techpiled

I’ve been searching for this mystery headphone solution on-and-off for a long time. I settled on using Apple’s iPhone headset for an extended period before going on my search again recently. Now, I’ve found Frends headphones.

A lot of women complain about headphones being too hard (inner-ear) or placing pressure on certain points of their ears (over-the-ear), but Frends works very well for our lady-specific ear construction. Actually, realisticmag Frends is a “female-focused audio-wear” company. Inspired by making headphones that women would actually wear, they have partnered with other brands intermittently (that also cater to women) to execute really beautiful designs. Even with their recent partnership with BaubleBar, the designs are sophisticated and not just painted pink in a mindless marketing ploy to women, the principle shopper in most households. (“Principle Shopper” is how I refer to myself in my house, but I digress.) mommasays

I have been wearing and carrying these around for months and it has completely changed the way I hear my favorite music. I use them while cleaning the house, when I need to distract myself from the hellish laundry piles. I wear them in the airport, when I am tuning out the baby who really doesn’t want to be boarding the plane. I wear them to revert to my teenage music absorption style of just sprawling on the bed to HEAR an album.

I almost bought the white/gold ones, but decided they might be dirt-prone with all my travel. So, I purchased the black/silver and they have not disappointed. The “Taylor” version of this headphone covers more of your ear and might be a good recommendation for those of you who want to go down the “my-headphones-are-my-self-identity” route. I am decidedly a “Layla” because they fit nicely in my purse while still getting the job done. For more Info please visit these sites:- https://ivu.ro/

Overall, I am a fan of companies that focus on women that are also makers of comfortable and excessively useable products. I am also thrilled to complete my headphone search because I will be wearing these for a while.

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