Buying Orchid Plants

Buying plants by mail is another alternative and is the only one viable for many people who live too far away for a personal visit to the grower. Fortunately, there are plenty of highly reputable orchid dealers that have excellent quality plants and know how to ship them across the country and still have them arriveĀ  at your home in top condition. drivingschoolintoronto

Before you do any shopping check what kind of growing conditions you have. Does your space have low, medium, or high light? Are the temps cool, intermediate, or warm? Is your humidity low medium or high? Are you able to water your orchids frequently or no? Choosing an orchid that will grow well in the conditions you already have!

1) Buy from a recommended source. Discuss with orchids forum members where to buy through the mail and they will be able to tell you the places they have had the best experiences with. Make sure that the dealer specializes in species but also have some hybrids too.

2) Compare prices and plant sizes. Know what price you’re paying for what size plant. Some places are orchid connoisseurs and sell orchids with awarded pedigrees. These places will be expensive. Other places sell less “elite” orchids and sell them in high volume so their prices will be lower. Also compare plant sizes. You might find a nursery with very low prices but when you read the description you see you’re getting a small seedling.

3) Make a small first order. After getting advice on where to buy and checking out their plant sizes and prices, place a small order, maybe only one or 2 plants. This part is difficult because I always want to buy a ton of stuff. But if your first order is small then you’re not out much if you have difficulties.

4) Be satisfied. If you’re not happy with the condition of the plants contact the seller. There are so many excellent nurseries with excellent customer service that you shouldn’t have to be disappointed.

When you search for fragrant orchids, deal with a grower who has knowledge about and interest in these types of orchids. To choose fragrant orchids from these vendors you can take several approaches. Some of the dealers have Web sites that allow you to do a search for fragrant orchids. Others have Web sites or catalogs where fragrance by variety is noted. temp-mail

Also, look for the various fragrant species mentioned in this book or hybrids that contain at least one of these species, but be aware that within a species certain selections can be much more fragrant than others. Ask the grower if his or her selection of the species you are after has a pleasant scent. Hybrids with two fragrant parents are almost certainly fragrant themselves. If only one parent is fragrant, the result is less certain.


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