Prepaid Cell Phone Prices Drop – Good Time to Consider Prepaid

Boost Mobile set the wireless industry buzzing when it released its $50 Monthly Unlimited Prepaid plan.  Industry insiders, experts, and CEO’s started asking questions.

How could Boost afford this unlimited prepaid cell phone plans?  Would it break the back of the low cost wireless provider?  What does this mean for the other cell phone companies? link building services

Many worried about a price war in the prepaid market, a situation where the prepaid companies would continue to lower prices while adding more services to their plans.  In order to compete, this would be necessary.

A price war came to fruition, and many prepaid companies have jumped into the fray.

One of the most impressive plans is Tracfone’s Straight Talk plans, which comes in two “sizes.”  One of them costs $45 and includes unlimited talk time, unlimited text messages, and 30 mb of data use.  This undercut Boost’s similar unlimited plan by five dollars.

The second Tracfone plan may be one of the best out there today.  For $30, subscribers get to use 1,000 minutes of talk time and 1,000 texts for a duration of 30 days.  When the 30 days is up-for both plans-subscribers just have to pay the fee again.  It can be set to autopilot and can be auto-debited so there are no service disruptions.  Both plans run on Verizon’s network, which seems odd since they are competing companies, but it gives Straight Talk a leg up on a lot of the competition since Verizon has a very strong network. information technology service provider

MetroPCS and Cricket Lower Prices

MetroPCS jumped into the fight for more customers and market share by lowering the prices on its existing unlimited plans by $5.  This may help better position MetroPCS, which is a regional provider of cell phone service, against the other big dogs in the pay-as-you-go market.

Leap Wireless, which runs prepaid cell phone plans through the brand name Cricket, has also added more services to its pay-as-you-go offerings.  As you can see, it is currently a buyer’s market for prepaid phones.  You can find attractive plans at very affordable prices. Alfao

Some wireless providers earn much of their profits from add-ons or extras that current subscribers purchase after they have the phone and are signed up for a plan.  If you are careful and frugal, you will be able to avoid extra charges and continue to have a low monthly bill.  You may also have to purchase a new phone that works on the plan you decide to sign up for. Cellboost.


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