Halloween Costumes Design – The Scary Joker From The Dark Knight Movie

Halloween as always is going to be a dark scary night, arianm but you can make it even darker this time. The Joker from the movie The Dark Knight, enacted by the late Heath Ledger has given shivers to whoever has seen him in action. With your Halloween costumes design, you too can add thrill to the party, popping up with the question ‘Why so serious?’  netnaijas

The look is easily attainable too. Actually the clothes used would be your formals only. A dark colored shirt, trousers, waist coat and a coat will be ideal. It will look best when all four are in different colors. It is desirable if out of them, if the waist coat is colorful like a green or a maroon, while the rest are in shades of grey and black. Your shoes will also be black, but let them be muddy and dirty. mandaltempotraveller

And now coming to the highlight of your Halloween costumes design: the face. You will need to apply a white cream base all over. If you do not find this cream, then the make shift solution is, make a paste of chalk powder, and apply its thick layers. But make sure to cover your face with cream before it. And as always, first test the chalk powder on a patch of skin, preferably thighs, to check for allergy or other reactions. shoplocalgta

Do not try to get a neat and uniform white, because our Joker is shabby. You might even consider adding some grey to give a patchy feel. Do cover your entire face; leave nothing except your eyes. asia999

The eyes will be smudged with kohl all over the eyelids and around them. Let it be a disorderly and distorted smudge. And again for the lips, extend the lipstick way beyond your lips, stretching the line till your cheeks. Also apply dry gel to your hair and let them just fall all over, carelessly. actualidad-logistica


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