Work Life Balance For Success

“Many people seem to think that success in one area can compensate for failure in other areas. But can it really? True effectiveness requires balance.”

– Stephen Covey

Many employees could not divide their time effectively between family and workplace responsibilities. They feel guilty for not doing justice somewhere or other. A research on employees’ behavior who struggle to cope up with work life balance shows that employees in the age group of 20 to 30 years devote most of the time to the work place and contribute for the growth of the organization. Employees in the age group 30 to 40 devote more time to their family needs. People between 40 to 50 years always feel guilty and disappointed as they could not do justice either to their family or work place. They suffer from psychic disorders feeling that they are doing injustice to their family and also to the company where they are working. Some indulge in bad habits and become alcoholics. Is there any way out to solve this problem?

Profit and losses: If you feel that time is an investment, you have to identify the ideas to invest your valuable time. If you take precautions to avoid losses in this balance sheet, you can become millionaire. If you spend your time lavishly without having profit oriented outlook, you will become bankrupt. If you cannot utilize your time effectively and divide between family and workplace responsibilities, you will become failure and ineffective. Bad decisions on your part may lead to disturbances in your professional as well as personal life. Some expect more profits for their investment of time. They feel emotionally disturbed and suffer from mental stress. This kind of people gives more importance to their job and invests most of their time to contribute to their company and suffer from guilty consciousness. Some people always think of their Company and forget their family concerns. Even they try to create an impression among family members that they care; actually they suffer from memory loss, distress due to failure in the workplace, anger comes out unexpectedly.

Four types of fatigue: Every person brings four kinds of fatigue to home. First one being emotional; which arises due to negative atmosphere in the workplace. Feelings like fear of failure, anger and guilty conscience, dissatisfaction in discharging duties, enthusiasm and happiness, when duties delivered to the satisfaction of superiors. In this kind of situation, there will be always domestic peace.

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