Men’s Underwear – Wear the Right Style

Are you still stuck in the same style of underwear? You have not yet opened up yourself to the world of fashion and style. Then to say you that you are really missing something in your life and life style. Where designers are breaking their heads in experimenting different types of underwear for every man’s comfort and style, it is not going to fetch them fruitful fruit until all men are going to try themselves with a new underwear style and design. The biggest change in men’s underwear from the past few years is been in its fabrics. Below mentioned are some styles that can easily found in different blends of fabrics. The mix and blends of fabrics are polyester, nylon, silk or cotton.


These are traditional brief where the waistband placed to sit at the waist and a Y- shaped front fly opening, and fabric being around four inches that covers everything right from the waist to the upper thighs with full coverage of butt. The second type is mid- rise brief which is much similar to the ordinary brief. But the difference in them is there waistband is placed two inches below the waist. The third type of brief is low-rise brief which is placed to be three inches below the waist.


Today many men prefer to put on boxers as it most comfortable underwear. It goes well with the loose fitting pants. It can vary in length covering entire butt and upper part of thighs. Since it is loose fitting it can also be worn as shorts at home or during sport activity. They also have front fly opening similar to traditional briefs. The second variety in boxers is tapered boxer which is as same as ordinary boxer but providing more fitness at thighs and gives free movements.

Boxer briefs

Boxer brief is the combination of both the boxer and brief underwear. Boxer briefs have cut like that of tampered brief. Since it is combination of both it provides more support in movements and it fits tightly as that of brief. Boxer brief provides extra coverage and it is favorite choice among the sport lovers. As it fits perfectly with skin many men prefer to have them. It gives more support during the athletic activities and goes well with the tight fitting pants.

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