The Restless Winds of Change – Are They Blowing Away Opportunities For Google?

Aggregation, in its purest form is fetching news headlines and presenting them for consumers to read through. In the past, this was a preserve of desktop news readers that users would download from the internet and feed RSS links to consume.

…How far we have come.

With the ever increasing move away from desktop-centric data consumption to a more web-based setup, more and more people are hitting the uninstall button on their newsreader software! Subsequently, they are switching to online services like Google news and other systems that crawl the internet 24 hours day every day, constantly collecting news, images, videos and other media for presentation on a centralized platform.

IN recent years, of course, as a backlash, the print media has tried to get in on the game by moving its operations to the internet to counter the growing popularity of aggregators… not an easy job since aggregators have the benefit of having multiple headlines from multiple sources..meaning the user has a virtual one-stop shop for news and current affairs updates.

Enter the iPhone and the iPad…

As if there weren’t enough problems for the print medi and desktop software…Steve Jobs decided to add to the heap and introduced the iPhone and iPad, and now, not only can current affairs headlines be access online via laptop and PC…anyone with an iPhone, and in fact, any web-enabled cell phone can read the latest items on the go!

In the foreseeable future, this author can see news being delivered to glasses, spectacles, possibly even in 3-D! Or delivered to watches in a constant stream, possibly with geo-targeted news. Which actually brings to mind Twitter?

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