Why a Bad Colon is Bad News For the Rest of Your Body

If you’re suffering from various ailments — whether it’s something as simple as the lack of energy or as serious as unexplained aches and pains — then the culprit might be a bad colon. Watch out — the symptoms may be precursors to colon cancer, a very painful way to go.

It’s a sad statistic, but the number of cases of colon cancer (as well as deaths caused by it) is on the rise. Worse, everyone who’s living the “average” lifestyle is susceptible to it. While it’s no one’s fault that fast food and lack of exercise is the norm rather than the exception these days, everyone should take better care of their colons — and consequently their health.

You get a bad colon from a bad diet, and it’s easy to lead a bad diet these days. City life can lead to lots of pizza, burgers, and soda — all of which has lots of trans fats and refined sugar. These and the other bad stuff in food tend to get stuck in the colon when you don’t take in enough fiber and other essential nutrients. Once stuck, the crud’s going to be tough to dislodge.

The “regular” way of cleansing the colon is by hydrotherapy sessions. A doctor basically flushes your colon with a cleansing agent, and it works well enough. The big drawback about the procedure is that involves sticking something up your rear end — that can be pretty uncomfortable for something that can cost a bit.

It’s a good thing society discovered the Acai berry. Instead of hydrotherapy, you can now cleanse your colon with something you can eat. Adding Acai intake into your diet, whether by juices or supplements, can help cleanse your colon and improve your health dramatically. Remember it’s cancer we’re talking about here — the earlier you deal with the problem, the better!




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