Sarcoidosis Prognosis – Vital Facts And Encouraging Breakthrough: Natural Sarcoidosis Treatment News

Whilst a sarcoidosis prognosis in the main may very well be good, it is still not fully understood just what the disease involves, because the primary causes remain undiscovered. What is known however is that this multisystemic disease causes granulomatous inflammation, affecting the lungs primarily, but can also affect other organs such as the skin and eyes.

Due to the fact that the causes are unknown, it follows logically that preventative measures are non-existent, so doctors and sufferers usually focus on the actual sarcoidosis prognosis, managing the illness in such a way as to lead a relatively normal life. Of those people diagnosed, roughly 75% will have a great sarcoidosis prognosis, even though occasional recurrences may happen. This means that in the other 25%, more serious problems may arise, although fatality numbers are low.

As mentioned above, without a specific cause, preventative measures are very difficult to pinpoint, but depending upon which organ of the body is involved, certain lifestyle changes could make a major difference. For instance, if the lungs are involved, avoidance of smoking and smoky atmospheres, chemicals, dust and smog laden environments would be pertinent advice to follow.

On an individual basis, it is almost impossible to give an accurate sarcoidosis prognosis, but by examining the symptoms, it is possible to make an educated guess as to how the disease will run its course. An example of this would be symptoms such as sudden weight loss or general malaise, which usually indicates a short lived and mild attack, whereas dyspnea or skin sarcoidosis symptoms would mean a more severe and chronic attack. It is also the case that milder attacks occur in white patients, meaning that the sarcoidosis prognosis amongst black patients is not as good.

A great deal of research has been carried out so that sarcoidosis prognosis can be improved further. Some of the areas that are being looked at to try and identify possible causes include myobacteria, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

It is evident that a sarcoidosis diagnosis detailing possible outcomes is a very complex task, since there are so many aspects involved, but recent research within the natural, alternative treatment field has given hope and encouragement to the many sufferers worldwide.

One such natural approach to treatment can be found within the Aden Protocol Resource Book which champions lifestyle and dietary changes as the basis for a more favourable sarcoidosis prognosis, with a great deal of success worldwide.

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