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You’ve heard the stories. Kids in their teens are making hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on the Internet. The ones in their teens are making millions. Now granted, some are coming up with entirely new ways to market products. The promise of the Internet is the reach. Billions of people log onto the Internet every day. If you can get to even a small percentage, you can get rich beyond your wildest dreams.

So where can you get Internet marketing training?

The best way is to learn from someone who is already doing it on a daily basis. Its the same with everything, you learn from an expert. That’s what college is all about. Professors research and learn everything they can and pass this knowledge on. That teaches the basics, but the real training comes on the job after you start with a new company. College merely prepares people, it doesn’t really teach real life. For that, most businesses assign a mentor to teach a new employee the ropes. More details please visit:-

So reading a book about Internet marketing tips can give you a working knowledge of concepts but unless you know how to put it all together, you probably wont be successful. Think of it like baking a cake. If I handed you a stick of butter, a couple eggs, some flour, a bag of sugar, a quart of milk and a little baking powder, what do you think your chances of making a tasty desert would be?

Now if I stood next to you and let you watch as I make exact measurements and list the steps in order and actually bake a cake, do you think you could copy my success? That’s what you should look for in an affiliate marketing training course.

A lot of the courses out there are e-books. They are cheap and plentiful. You’ll find some that are just a couple bucks or full boat training that costs thousands. In most cases, the cost of the training does not necessarily guarantee the best results. One of the main differences is that the higher cost courses usually are professionally produced and come with a library of videos. Many are just videos of people teaching a class on a conventional blackboard or with an overhead projector. This is great because you can watch the videos over and over until you understand the points. The problem is, most of us don’t have enough money to pay thousands of dollars to learn a new skill.

There is an alternative. A product called Camtasia allows people to record their computer screens. This has started a whole new breed of training videos. Now its possible to watch someone go step-by-step through a marketing campaign from scratch. You can see the steps they take, even see the urls of the websites they are accessing. They show the exact tools they use to achieve their results. You can watch them over and over or even go back and take notes on troublesome areas. The best programs even have forums and help desk where you can ask questions of others in the community or the authors themselves.

There are some budding entrepreneurs that are turning out amazing courses. They are trying to build a name for themselves and do it by turning out a quality product at a reasonable price, usually less than $100.

One hundred dollars may seem like a large investment but if the product is good, you can get a return of many thousands of dollars working from home. That only applies if you try to do your own campaign. If you merely watch the videos, you’ll learn a lot but you’ll never know financial freedom.

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