Good News For the Older Woman

In this youth oriented society, many women dread turning forty. To many it means the beginning of the end of their childbearing years. It represents the end of their youth. However, it is not all bad news.

The general population is aging and society is beginning to recognise the importance of the older generations. Although there is a lot of pressure for women to look youthful, it is not essential to look as if they are in their twenties.

Women like Sophia Loren are proving to the general population that older women are still very attractive. Although Sophia Loren is not your average older woman, she proves that with a healthy diet and regular exercise it is possible to look great, at any age.

The best news for older women is that their bodies are finally starting to work in their favour when it comes to exercise.

During a woman’s childbearing years, her body efficiently stores fat for when she will need it for growing and feeding a baby. This makes it hard for her to lose weight when she is not having a child. Many often complain that they just have to look at a cake and it goes straight to their hips. More details please

Once a woman’s childbearing years are over her body allows her to lose excess fat. Many women notice a thinning in the face and lips at this stage. Their bodies are still very efficient so they cannot indulge in excess calories but any exercise done now will pay off with more muscle growth.

The more muscle tissue a woman can put on now, the better. I am not talking about joining the body building weight lifters (unless this interests you) but working out with weights to develop good muscle growth.

As a woman moves into old age, she can be prone to osteoporosis. Good muscle strength helps to prevent the effects of bone density loss. Muscles help maintain strength and fitness so less falls are likely to occur. An on-going fitness regime helps maintain balance, flexibility and fitness.

Any muscle building work started in her forties will produce results almost instantly. A gradual build up of a fitness plan will carry her through to her old age. All work done now will pay off many times over in the decades to come.

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