Bank & Government Foreclosures Are On The Rise – Is This Good Or Bad News?

Bank Foreclosures are at an “All Time” high- This is bad news for the banks, but fantastic news for the Real Estate Investor. Because banks are foreclosing on homes like Fat Albert eats cake, they will have no other alternative but to lower prices of these homes to get them off there books.

Many of these homes that the banks foreclosed upon were from “Speculators” of Real Estate, instead of being an “Investor” of Real Estate. The reason that these “Speculators” got caught with these empty houses is because the banks changed the rules, and made it harder for buyers to qualify for a mortgage on a home, which would have allowed the “Speculator” to cash out when sold.

Now after months of sitting on these houses the banks are beginning to give these properties away for pennies on the dollar. And now is the best time to truly become a Real Estate “Investor”. (Buy low and sell high is the motto of any Investor). Your goal would then be to find buyers who would want to purchase your property at a value higher than what you paid. More details please

This puts the “Investor” in the same boat as the “Speculator”, with two HUGE differences:

1. The “Investor” does not have to put any money into the transaction
2. The “Investor” has a larger pool of buyers who don’t mind paying market value for a home.

These are the buyers who were turned down by the traditional banks. Fortunately, you can have access to a Private Investor who will fund buyers with credit scores as low as “550”. This literally opens up you buying pool from a few to thousands, putting you the “Investor” back in the driver’s seat and able to create THOUSANDS of dollars profit per month, by learning how to “FLIP” Houses.
I may not be the greatest, but I hope that you get my point.

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