Referral Generating Tips Via Publicity – Leverage Your News to Increase Business

It’s no secret that generating publicity via online news release sites is good for business.

Continually educating the public and media about what’s happening with your businesses is, well, just good business.

My challenge to clients I work with is to not only submit news or press releases to both paid and free online sites, but to also follow up with any businesses or people who are also involved in your release.

Let me explain. When you craft an effective news release, it’s important to include relevant and timely topics about your business that tie in with other news. This means incorporating relevant information about businesses and organizations that are already well known or newsworthy.

Here is a very specific example. In November of 2006 I invested in a new program via Glazer – Kennedy Inner Circle. Bill Glazer created a certification program for copywriters called Creating Copy that Sells. More details please visit:-

After speedy completion of the program and receipt of certification, I verified that I was the first professional copywriter in Idaho to complete the certification. Then, I drafted my news release. I submitted it online and I also let Glazer- Kennedy know what I was up to keeping in close contact and providing them with a copy of the release just in case they might need it for something in the future.

This communication with Glazer-Kennedy paid off. In July, they contacted me to confirm that it was okay to include my press release in a sales letter for the program that was mailed to the entire Glazer-Kennedy list.

Of course it was OK. In fact, it was better than OK! My name, business name and contact information was included and I have received several referrals from that. It truly is a win win situation for Glazer – Kennedy and me. They received free publicity for their program and in turn were able to include my information in sales material as an example of how to leverage certification.

My point is, don’t view your news releases as a one shot deal. Figure out ways to expand their shelf life and follow up. What are you waiting for? Press on with your news to help increase referral flow.

Oh, and it you want to read the original release and listen to a pod interview, click here.

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