Time Travel with Huey Lewis and the News

The lights dimmed and the wrinkles, pot bellies, and bald heads disappeared into the darkness . . . almost.

People clapped and danced to their own rhythm as Huey Lewis and the News performed one hit after another at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, Washington.

“I don’t know how to put this politely, ” Huey told the audience, “but I had dinner here at the casino and most of you are at least as old as me.”

I had eaten dinner at the same time as Huey. I left for the bathroom and came back into the restaurant and saw my wife and friends pointing and smiling in my direction. Huey had just walked past me and out the door.

Perhaps our clothes brushed each other. Perhaps we exchanged the same air. Oh, well our party had driven from Tacoma to Shelton, Washington to see Huey Lewis and I had the best opportunity for an up close and personal view, and I was adjusting my underwear. Such is life. Just like opportunity . . . we passed and never met.

Peg and I joined Donn and Debbie Irwin in their PT Cruiser (a classic car wannabe) for a comfortable journey. Donn fed the CD player with Huey’s Greatest Hits, and early rock and roll classics. Actually, Deb had him turn the volume down low so conversation could flourish, which it did. The trip lasted through several discussions, many smart alec comments, laughing fits, and one detour for Olympic Ice Cream (Kentucky Pie is yummy!). We caught up with friends Randy and Sue Lord at the casino for dinner. More details please visit:-http://techypills.com https://jignal.com/ https://fontstiger.com/ https://laramediagroup.com https://www.decktopus.com/

After dinner, Donn and I went to the walk-in humidor for cigars, while the group went ahead to the performance hall. By the time Donn spent $30 for three cigars, we had a fairly long line to wade through. As we stood and waited, a little old man walked by everyone repeating the phrase “The heart of rock and roll is still beating.” We just looked at him and shrugged our shoulders. He turned out to be Huey’s father.

Sue reserved excellent seats. We were slightly elevated and about forty feet from stage left where Huey stood most of the time.

Huey’s lost some of his upper register, but his charm and energy carried him well through the evening. His group was outstanding. Most of them have been together a long time. Huey introduced them individually. The new guy he noted, “we didn’t meet until 7th grade.”

“So many hits, so little time,” said Huey when he came back for an encore. The concert was well worth the money and the drive. For a while I had more hair and less body as Huey Lewis and the News transported us back twenty-five years. Where has the time gone?

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