Google Places Business Listings Gets News Flash Option For Local Search

Google Places Business Listings is trying to insure that it is top dog among the Local Search Engines real soon. They just have so many ideas that are so clever, useful, and inexpensive. This one could be called the Twitter of local search.

Since you, as a marketer or business owner should be checking your Google Places Analytics daily or at least weekly to see trends and make revisions in your strategy for both Google Places and your other online advertising, you can quickly put up a news piece in the box in the upper right hand of your Google Analystics page, just under the “Post it to your place page.” And since Google seems like they forgot how to name things after they created the great name Google, I’ll name this for them. Google Places News Flash. More details please visit:-

Now your News Flash will appear on the listing in a highly visible location just under the major items such as name, address, and category.

This is the easiest, fastest way to generate a following yet. Now just watch how Google integrates this into their other products. But for now, local business owners have yet another reason to love Google Places. Use this idea to put up the daily special at a restaurant, or the standings in the Tour de France for a bike shop. How about giving a one hour special for any retailer, and you give the special at the same time every day. You can even use it just to proclaim the most important aspect of your business’s special niche or reason for existence.

The possibilities are limitless, and you can add a link to your website, blog, or other URL just as I did above.

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