Failing Newspapers – The Net Effect of Quality and Integrity of News Reporting

Many newspapers across the country are failing, advertising is down well over 50%, and the classified ads have been stolen by the Internet; websites like Craigslist. And it gets worse, we will soon see fuel prices go back up, and the distribution department of a newspaper is one of their big expenses. Printing costs and paper have also increased, in fact, they have almost doubled.

Likewise, fewer and fewer of the new generation of X’ers even get their news in paper form anymore, they get their news online. As a baby boomer myself, I like to read the newspaper, but I must confess, I scan the headlines of all the major newspapers every morning online and it takes me about 30 minutes. By the time I read a local put newspaper, or perhaps, pick up the Wall Street Journal around the corner, or read the New York Times at Starbucks I am already fully up on all the news for the day.강남셔츠룸

In other words, as one of the consumers of news to a very large degree, I don’t rely on the newspaper anymore at all. So what is the net effect of quality and integrity of news reporting, if we are now getting all of our news online? This should concern a good many people, and it means that there are fewer reporters in the field reporting on news that matters, because the newspapers aren’t making enough money to hire and support the reporters and writers.

Therefore, the news we get online is usually only about 250 words per page, and then you have to click the page again to go to the rest of the story. And most of the stories are no bigger than one page. How much news are we really getting, and how accurate is it? The writing is fairly poor online, and if newspapers are failing, and their reporters don’t do in-depth analysis, or ask the tough questions, then the news we get is now basically garbage. How does that make you feel?

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