Are You Ready to Become Pregnant?

Baby uitzetlijst; wat heb je nodig?

“I am in my early twenties, married and have a prospective career ahead of me. My husband wants a baby. The truth is so do I. Am I cut out to become pregnant and have a child?”

Whether you are newly married, in your 20s, 30s or 40s, or in a stable relationship, the choice of becoming pregnant has more to do with your psychological state than your social and professional status. That being said, the modern women are more concerned about issues that relate to their career, their family and friends and their body than they did three decades ago. So before you decide on becoming pregnant it is wise to know some of the factors that you will encounter during the 9 months period and be prepared for that if you want to become pregnant and deliver a healthy child.

Be ready for changes in your body. When you become pregnant, your body not only develops internally but also undergoes some external changes. Since, zwangerennu from conception to delivery, you will be nursing a human child in you; your body will crave for extra nutrition. For both you and your child to remain healthy during the nine months of development, you will need to increase your intake of food to support two lives that you carry now, yours and your child’s. This huge intake of food, coupled with the hormonal changes in your body, will simply make you gain weight and become fat. Increased weight is just one of the changes you will notice when you become pregnant, there are of course others. Soon after you become pregnant, you will also notice that your belly will start to increase in size. This is because of the development of the baby within you. As the baby’s size increases, so does the size of the belly. Your breast size will also start to increase when you become pregnant. These changes are so immense that you will need to change your wardrobe completely. However, do not worry. Soon after you deliver your child, your body will start to revert to its original shape. With a little bit of workout and a proper nutritional plan you can get back your body within months.

Reduced sex. When you become pregnant both your body and your relationship starts to undergo some changes. While some women loses the drive for sex when they become pregnant, others crave for more. But that’s for women, for men things are more in a psychological level. Most men become nervous the moment they find out their partner became pregnant. Due to his lack of knowledge, or just the thought that he may cause damage to the baby while having sex, reduces his urge to make any such passes at you. With the right kind of technique, sex throughout the pregnancy may help in reassuring each other of the love you have for them.

Everyone including stranger will feel that they have the right to give you advice once you become pregnant. Soon after you become pregnant and your body starts showing its signs, almost every Women you encounter, be it in a party or subway, and some men too, will give you pointers and tell you stories about what happened to them or others when they became pregnant. I wish there was a way out of it, but there is none. However, you will find it helpful to keep the discussion focused on them rather than yourself, and suddenly recalling some urgent work that you need to do right then.

Will you make good parents now that you became pregnant? The moment you become pregnant some good thought as well as scary ones are going to speed by you. Thoughts about the health of the unborn, how to bring him up, your influence as parents etc are common among parents. Although there is no guide to flawless parenting, the truth is children of even the worst parents turn out to be the best of citizens. Hence, when you become pregnant and thoughts of these nature strikes you, simply shrug them off your mind. Keep yourself happy and take one-step at a time.

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