3 Tips For Healthy Eating

One of the most important and easiest things we can do to have a healthy body is make a habit of eating healthy. There is a very strong link between diet and health. More than 35% of all cancers are related to diet according the American Cancer Society.

More than half of the children born with neural tube defects, such as spina bifida could have been prevented if women ate foods rich in folic acid. A healthy diet can also have an effect on your mental health, affecting how well you think and your sleeping habits. Some mental disorders such as depression can be treated with certain vitamins and minerals.

Although we live in era of fast fatty food, you can eat healthy without dieting or starving yourself. Only four out of ten Americans claim to have healthy diets. Some people refuse to eat healthy because they believe that healthy foods have no taste and they would have to give up all of their favorite foods. All you need to do is make healthy choices in the food you eat.

You do not have to go home and throw away all of the food in your pantry and go shopping for all healthy food. To perform such a drastic step during these economic hard times would be ludicrous. You can make the switch to healthy eating a gradual process. Here are three tips to get you started: More details please visit:-movieorca Uwstinger.com https://allblogsidea.com/ https://hippysociety.com/ https://baccarat168th.com/ https://www.yorkkabob.com https://www.americarehospiceinc.com http://wikijoby.com/

1) Decide if you need to eat for prevention of disease. Research your family history for any type of diseases that can be prevented by healthy eating. If your family has a history of hypertension, colon cancer, heart disease or osteoporosis then you can make changes in your diet to lower your risk of getting the disease. This may be the perfect place to start since the whole point of eating healthy is to remain healthy.

2) Start making changes that will have the biggest impact on you health. For example, eating more fiber can lower your risk of colon cancer. So, you can start adding more whole grain cereal, fruits and vegetables to your diet.

3) Don’t try to change all your bad eating habits at once. If you try to change everything at once you will become overwhelm and most likely quit trying to eat healthy. Instead, take small manageable steps. If your goal is to add more fiber to your diet, then start by adding a fruit or vegetable to each meal until you are eating at least five a day. This can easily be accomplished if you add a sliced banana or berries to your cereal for breakfast. Eat carrot or celery sticks as snacks throughout the day. Add a fruit to your dinner in addition to the vegetable normally served.

If you follow these tips you should be eating healthy in a short period of time. Just remember that no one eats healthy all the time. So if you have a bad day where you did not meet your goals, just stay focused and start again the next day.

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