Your “Little Me”


Who were you when you were 6 years old?
What did you love to do?
What did you want to become when you “grew up?”

When I was 6, I received a special book – with spaces to fill in myself.
“My Book About Me” was what it was called. (Mom still has it somewhere)
On one page I wrote the 3 things I wanted to become:
1) An Actress
2) A Mother
3) A Cowgirl
(Not necessarily in that order)

I am now 47 years old, and I still remember who I was back then – my “Little Me.” As the years passed, and I was a little older, I developed a passion for the arts – drawing, sculpting with clay, making dolls, and later on, sewing clothes and costumes. I also enjoyed dance and theater.

Much time has gone by since my school days, and as my family and obligations grew, those passionate projects grew fewer and farther between. First to go was the acting (on my top 3 list!) Next was dance classes (I still dance whenever I hear good music) and the others faded to seldom as well.

I did become a mother – I’ve raised 6 children! I also have 3 stepdaughters.
Now some of them have children as well…wow.
I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home and raise my children for over 20 years, although we seldom had much more than what we needed to live on.

I did act in a couple of plays (in junior high) and later that passion went on to evolve into a love (and talent) for costume design, which I enjoy even more!

Yet to come is being a Cowgirl – that one I never got around to doing, but my life is not done yet, and my childhood dreams are still alive, so one day…

What is your passion? Do you even know, or remember?
Arts is a passion for me.
Family is a passion for me.
For many years I allowed my circumstances to pull my focus further and further away from my passions (that make up who I REALLY am!)

A few months ago I decided to change the course of my life. I wanted to get to know my real self, my “little me” as well as the artist I became along the way. I started working for myself, from home (again) and give myself more freedom!
Who is your “Little Me?”
Whom did you want to become? Are you that person now?
Would you want to become that person one day? Or something better?

I decided to go to work for myself, to change my life path, and move back toward my passions, becoming “ME” again. Maybe it’s time you started finding your own passions, again or for the first time!

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